3/3/20232 min skaitymo

So, you've decided to shoot a video commercial for your business. Now what? At some point, you will face the question of whether you should hire professional actors to portray people in your video or simply rely on your company's employees for this role. Here is a short list of PROS and CONS to help you decide which option is the best for your video production.  

AUTHENTICITY: Using your own company's workers in a commercial video shoot can add a level of authenticity to the video. When potential customers see real employees in a video, they can get a sense of the company culture and the people behind the brand. This can help build trust and credibility with the audience.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Hiring professional actors can be expensive. Using your own employees in a video can help cut down on costs, as there will be no need to pay for the services during the usual work hours (don't forget to pay your employees for the overtime!).

FAMILIARITY: Your own company's employees will be familiar with the company's products, services, and brand messaging, as well as with their work environment and other colleagues in the video.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: In some cases, involving your own employees in a commercial video shoot can be a fun and engaging activity. It can help boost morale and create a sense of community within the workplace.

LACK OF EXPERIENCE: Unlike professional actors, your employees may lack experience in front of the camera. They may struggle to deliver lines naturally or to emote convincingly. Some of them may even be camera-shy. This can result in a less polished final product or even attract unwanted reactions from your audience.

TIME-CONSUMING: Involving your employees in a commercial video shoot is usually much more time-consuming. The director of the video may need to spend additional time coaching them on their delivery, ensuring they are comfortable in front of the camera, and reshooting scenes until you get the desired results. Not to mention, more time usually equals a more expensive production.

QUALITY: Using your employees in a video can result in lower-quality production. Professional actors are trained to deliver lines and emote naturally, which can result in a more polished final product. Using your employees may result in a less professional video, which can harm the company's image.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Your employees may not be available when you need them for the video shoot. They may have other commitments, or their work schedules may not align with the shooting schedule. This can result in delays and additional costs. It is also worth noting that your employees, not being professional actors, are not used to long and exhausting video shoots, and may get tired and irritated during the process, which makes it even more difficult to achieve the desired quality of the production.   

To sum up, while in some cases it might be more cost-effective and add a level of authenticity to the video, using the company's employees for a commercial video shoot may also result in a lower-quality production and be much more time-consuming, bringing additional costs and discomfort to the process. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the goals and style of the video, as well as the resources available. If a high-quality professional video is necessary, it may be worth investing in professional actors. However, if authenticity and employee engagement are more important, using your company's employees may be the better choice.